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What a fantastically awesome month April was, like crazy, like if mint chocolate chip ice cream and no bake cookies had a love child, that would be this past month...hmmm..I might be hungry...but seriously I've never been happier, and can't believe how fast things have been moving for me in the design world. Thank you to everyone for your support and for reading because I know this blog is a big part of all of it. I truly appreciate all of you and am sending you virtual hugs everywhere...
Now to answer a very frequently asked question...
Since, I started my small E-design business just a few short weeks ago I've been asked a lot of questions about how the process works, from everyone...including my family, my husband, my in-laws, friends, pets, children, and everyone else pretty I thought I'd explain how this works once and for all..
Basically, an e-design serves as a road map for your new space. In the end, my job is to help you create an inspiration board, so that you can then use it to turn the idea into reality in the space yourself. If you want help with the basic development of the room, but don't want to spend the money on a full design installation service, this is a perfect solution...There are examples of my inspiration boards throughout this post...

I start with a basic consultation, usually through e-mail, asking you questions about your space. An example of the consultation I send:
Basic information (Name, phone number, e-mail address)
Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family...
Do you rent or own?
What room(s) are you interested in using my services for?
What is the budget for this space?
What do you use this space for?
What do you need vs want in this space?
What is your final vision for this space? (How do you see yourself/your family in this room?)
What design style are you most drawn to? (Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Flea market/Vintage, Mid-century, Industrial)
What colors are you most drawn to? (Warm colors, Cool colors, Neutrals, Bold, Jewel tones)
Where are your favorite places to shop for home purchases?
Are you willing to purchase items online?
Are you willing to paint or do any other D.I.Y. projects yourself if the budget does not permit hiring someone?
Are you willing to allow me to share your new inspiration board for your space on my blog?
What are the measurements of the space?
What is the general description of the space?
What's your social security number?.....ha ha just seeing if your paying attention...
Is there anything specific you want/don't want in this space? (This could be a specific color or piece of furniture they already own). 
At this time, I also ask for pictures of the space as it is now and ask them to send me as many inspiration pictures as they want...(These may be catalog/magazine pictures, or just any pictures they find online that they love.)
After a few back and forth e-mails, I start to get to know the client and what they want, and at this time I create their inspiration board. I usually try to come up with several options (especially if I source a product that could go out of stock or be on back order if they do not order it right away).  After sending the first inspiration board, we decide what we like/don't like and change it, until we get the final product. I also come up with a couple layout options and a personal shopping list for you, so that you know exactly what you need to order/shop for.

Hopefully, this helps clear some things up about E-design and my services. There are of course, many different types out there nowadays, and I hope to get more and more involved as my small business grows.
Any other questions?...While you think about it, I'm off to find some no bake cookies...


  1. Where should we go if we are interested in an E-design..I can't find your e-mail on here :)

    1. If you click on her services link it will send you to her webpage, or you can e-mail her at I'd answer in case she didn't see this :)

  2. HaHA...Thanks Leesa, I was just getting ready to reply to her :).. but yes Sara if you click on Designs by Ashli tab, it will send you to my webpage and that is my email right there!


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