Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NYLO gorgeous....

Last weekend we were in Texas....again. 
We've been trying to stay in different areas to kind of get a feel for the area. This weekend we stayed in the NYLO Hotel. 
We loved the loft feel, a style I've always had a soft spot in my heart for, and now
Race is equally enamored with I couldn't help but snap some pictures to share with you guys, although these are pulled from their website (it's pretty obvious), since there was a wedding there this weekend, my Iphone pics would have been filled with creeped out strangers.

The whole hotel had a industrial/loft vibe. The rooms had exposed brick, cement floors, open duct work, 15 foot ceilings, large sliding doors, and amazing lights were just the beginning:

The hanging chairs in the game room were nothing short of amazing. I was so obsessed that I've been eyeing a few for the game room in our new house. And there was an old pool table, that had been painted white that was simply beautiful. The cool cowhide rugs just screamed Texas, but the gold speckles in it definitely gave it a "hip" vibe...in fact, I found myself one of these rugs while we were here ;)

I never saw this space obviously but I  liked the idea of this long table in the banquet hall and office chairs for a dining room. It gives off an industrial feeling but accommodates a lot of people in a comfortable way.

The mirrors hanging on the cement walls added some glitz to a very industrial space. 

Those hanging chairs again...yum.
I also really liked the built in chairs on the right (they went from the floor to ceiling), that faced each other with just a simple concrete table in between for game playing.

This amazing orange upholstered wall made seating area, was simply incredible. I've never seen anything quite like it.

This roof top pool/hot tub/fire pit is beautiful, I love the cobalt blue cushions against the blue skyline. The pull up ottoman/stools in orange and black are so convenient and fun around a fire pit. 

The smaller pool had an amazing long fireplace built in to the wall.

LOCL was the restaurant and bar in the hotel. 
It was packed every night we were there (again, I actually had to steal this picture off of the website, as to not creep any diners out with flashing lights).
The floor to ceiling orange window panels and light fixtures are gorgeous. They pop off of the brick walls, cement floors/walls, and against the wood cafe chairs beautifully. 
I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the area (or coming to visit me, it turns out there is another location only minutes from our new house).
Now it's your turn. Anyone else out there take pictures of hotels? Anyone else ever stayed in a loft like hotel?
You go.


  1. I'm going up to Dallas in a few weeks, and I'm absolutely staying here! Thank so much for sharing, can't wait to check it out.

  2. What a beautiful hotel. I can't wait to try this one out!

  3. I absolutely love this hotel. The guest services and amenities are so nice, on top of the "hip" factor.

  4. Just booked my anniversary weekend here! Thanks for the reminder ;)

  5. You realize these photos are from multiple NYLO locations and ONLY one is from the Dallas location. Are you sure you went there?

    1. Yes I'm sure, I saw all of these space but a couple in real life. In fact all but one of these pictures are from the location we stayed at (the Frisco, Texas location).


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