Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chevron floors and brass accents...

Textile designer, Caitlin Wilson's (of Caitlin Wilson Textiles) kitchen was named House Beautiful's Kitchen of The Month a couple months back. I finally got around to reading this issue and was so beyond enamored with this kitchen., that I was just dying to share. See for yourself:

From the bright white and gray two tone cabinets, gorgeous chevron floors, brass accents, and gorgeous decorative pieces, this kitchen had me at hello there. I can't even describe my feelings for the wallpapered pantry or the fireplace right off the dining space.
What do you guys think? Is it deserving of the House of the Month title?


  1. I absolutely love those floors. I think when you help me redo my kitchen, those are going to the top of the list. And the gold hardware?? Forget about it.

  2. Any idea where the shade on the window above the sink is from? Thanks

  3. I remember seeing this kitchen in the magazine! I was so in love and still am. Thanks for sharing!


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