Monday, September 23, 2013

Aloft Frisco

Happy Monday all. I've been gone for a couple weeks (obviously) due to an unforeseen medical time-out and a very foreseen trip to Dallas.....Which brings us to today's post:
I've always been a fan of the Aloft Hotels style. They are modern, with fun pops of colors. We were recently house hunting in Dallas, Tx (yes, I said house DALLAS, TX..more on that soon) and  the Aloft in Frisco, Tx became my new favorite. Check it out for yourself:

I'm so obsessed, I can't stand it. 
The color usage is fearless, but still so pulled together because of the clean lines in the furniture. The rooms are furnished in a contemporary style with high ceilings. The room layouts are unique, in that there are typically two beds along an entirely upholstered wall, that face a wall of windows, with a television in the center. The bathrooms were spa-like, with rain shower heads, and contemporary fixtures. The "remix lounge" is a fun space for everyone to lounge in together, with a comfortable yet modern feel, and a fantastic bar. Such an inspiring space.
Now onto my coffee...this girls got things to do.
How about you guys? Any favorite hotel styles?


  1. Glad to have you back...would be more glad if you weren't moving to Texas, but still ;)

  2. I happened to have moved to Dallas, just a year ago! I absolutely love it, it's a totally new experience for me and my family. There are so many things to do, including downtown or at the lake! Check out the design district, it's amazing and right up your alley ;) Maybe we can have lunch sometime when you're here!

  3. Dallas?!? Well that is new ;)

  4. I was wondering why we hadn't heard about your house hunting shenanigans lately. You'll love it in Dallas, it's so much fun and there are so many things to do..We live in Houston, but love it in Dallas..You've been holding out on us ;)

  5. Dallas?!? Why is this the first we've heard of it? Exciting things happening!

  6. I like how you snuck that little tidbit about moving to Texas in there :) I've been a reader for awhile but actually am unaware of where you live now, but I assume this is a big change for you guys! You'll love it here if you haven't been much. It's really it's own little country down here, there are so many outdoor things to do that don't exist in other states. Be sure to check out some of the natural springs (assuming you don't have those where you live now), they are so pretty and awesome to swim in in the summer. And definitely agree with Cici, you'd love the design district!


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