Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parade of Homes...

I'm obsessed with open houses....Literally. I will make my husband stop no matter what we are doing to go walk through an open house when I see those beautiful open flags flying. Luckily, I married probably the only guy in the world that loves to look through them too, so it's okay. I love to go online and look at pictures of the Parade of Homes from all over the country and yesterday I stumbled upon 6th Street Design Schools post about the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, and just had to share the pictures that she nabbed from Hiya Papaya's Photography Blog! All the photos sources can be found here and fair warning: there's a lot of them.

I tried using the gray version of this wallpaper in a client's nursery, but we ended up using a stencil that was amazing too because of budgetary reasons. The wallpaper and wood planked alcove add so much texture and dimension to this room, I just want to scream.

How amazing, is this tile...

I just had to share...How about you guys? Anyone else veto the grocery store trip, when they see those open houses? 


  1. Love that reading nook? I wonder if this will be your next project at my house, maybe at the stair landing?!?

  2. Thanks for sharing! Some great eye candy here

  3. I love open houses, I squeal anytime I see a sign, although my husband hates it, so you're a lucky one :)


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