Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm lovin' it April

Let me start by saying, I did not plan on taking a short blogging break last week, but apparently my electronical family had different ideas. Ever have a week where your laptop, desktop, tablet, and phone are all simultaneously not working..and you are not feeling your best....I have. Luckily, I married a computer genius/a pretty good nurse and now everything is working correctly...well sort of. In any case, I'm back today and playing catch up on every aspect of my life. So here it is, what I'm lovin' in April:
Ikea's Lappljung Ruta (say what?) Rug...
I'm obsessed with this graphic black and white rug. It adds so much texture to a small space and at only $69.99, you are bound to see this rug in nearly every space I do from now on...not kidding. 
These Hand Painted Wooden Houses
As a kid I loved playing with blocks...probably more than a little girl should, so it's no surprise that I'm in love with the new wooden house block trend. These ones are probably my favorite and will look fabulous with my new rug ;)
Metallic Back splashes
Because I market myself as a stylist, not a designer, sadly, I will probably never get an opportunity to work with metallic tile, unless its in my own home. It's still fun to dream about though.
Ikea's Socker Greenhouse
Another Ikea find (can you tell I'm excited for it to come to Kansas). Love the idea of a miniature glass greenhouse in your home. Every space needs some kind of plant to bring life to a space, and this does it in style. 
And last but not least...
World Market's Kona Blend Whole Bean Coffee
A great coffee that is not too strong. 
That's it...What about you guys? Anything you're loving this month?


  1. I absolutely love that metallic tile! so gorgeous!

  2. Love those wooden houses! So cute ;)


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