Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Let's talk about benches, shall we?
Benches are fantastic pieces for any room, versatile, and they can add so much function to a space.
Here are a few of my favorites I've been coveting lately for our new home:
Come to mama.This one is probably my favorite, and will end up somewhere in our next house. It's not crazy expensive or crazy cheap at $275, but you do get free shipping, plus it's perfect in all it's gorgeousness. 
The Lola Bench from Zgallerie just screams elegant and tailored dining room bench to me. It's not easy finding a proper sized dining bench, they tend to be too short or not long enough to go the length of the table, but this one is perfect. The tufting makes it feel finished and sophisticated, and the color is to die for.
The Essex Printed Bench from West Elm is great for the end of the bed or extra seating in a living space. The print is fun (although I must admit the Chevron-ish print is getting kind of old to me) yet it's neutral enough to go in any space.
Another one that would be great at the end of the bed for added storage. Love this print and the colors, it might be one I keep in mind for our future guest room.
Again, love the color (don't act surprised) and the tufting gives it a classic look. Plus at $129 it's a great deal. 
What about you guys? Are you pro benches, or do you think they are a waste of space? Do tell..


  1. Thanks so much for the tip! Love that first one!

  2. Love all of them! Did you guys decide for sure where you were moving? Hopefully closer to me ;)


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