Monday, January 7, 2013

A new obsession...

I've talked a couple of times about my obsession with bar carts. It's gotten has my wine obsession, but that's a discussion for another intervention day. Check out these beauties...
This one had me at hello:
This Lucite bar cart can make it's way into my home any day:
Oh, hello beautifully styled brass bar cart:
And here's one that is fantastically layered..How you doin'?...Yes that was in Joey's voice..
What about you guys? Anyone else dreaming of a gorgeous bar cart, and then wake up to realize your two psychotic pups would probably break everything on it....
Oh, and before I get some very concerned reader's e-mails, I don't really have a drinking problem...just a shopping/chocolate/boot/scarf/coffee/peacock blue problem...just sayin'.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing your lovely comments...except maybe wine...yeah wine makes me happier...but still I love your comments :)