Friday, October 5, 2012

Dining room library...

It's Friday biotches.....Thank goodness, it's been a rough one...I need to seriously kick back with a cold one and catch up on google reader, tv, and my last two issues of Domino...and that is all..
I've been seeing this new trend everywhere,
I'm not positive where it started (probably England), but I love the rising trend of creating a dining room/library. It's great to take a room that for most of us goes unused 75% of the time, and give it a second job. Check it out:
What do you guys think? Great use of space or no?


  1. I have not yet seen this trend but am in complete love, Ashli! Hmm, if only I knew someone to help me accomplish this look :)

  2. The white egg chairs with pink cushions are fantastic!

  3. I really love this idea. I was thinking about making one whole wall in our living room, bookcases. But we may just do the dining room now. :)

    1. You should!! I know especially if there's windows, the ones built around the windows in the last picture seriously hold a special place in my heart :). Plus the dining room is one of the least used rooms, I love the idea of giving it two purposes!


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