Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm lovin' it...July

Hello? Anyone out there? Crickets.....Yes, I am a blogging failure, also my life has been seriously crazy lately, and some things have taken a hit because of that...Well better late than never...Here's what I'm lovin' in July...
Low key vacations....We just got back from the first real vacation (more than just a weekend away) we've had in over a year, and it was much needed, and SOOOO fun! Definitely just what the doctor ordered....

My new running shoes, Nike Free Run +3....generally speaking bike riding and running are my workouts of choice...however the 107 degree weather (yes 107 degrees) have put quite the hiatus on any outdoor exercise. I'm hoping new shoes will give me the jump start I need to get going again as soon as the temperature is at least under 90 degrees. They are super comfortable and supportive, plus come in some great colors. 
Mod cloth's "At the Aquarium" cute and more importantly it's HUGE...
My new Ikea Expedit bookcase.... Love the clean lines, and tons of storage. We're not 100% sure where it's final home will be, but I'll let you know and send some styling pics your way when we finally decide. 
Fresh tomato salsa...I've always loved to make my own salsa, and this year is no different. Good fresh tomatoes aren't easy to find with the drought/heat we've had around these parts, but when I do find them, this is the first thing I think of. Try this recipe..

I am a blogaholic....I love reading all different blogs and I recently found another one I love called Abode Love...Check it out!

So, that's what I'm lovin this month...


  1. Looks like a fun trip, and I LOVE ikea!

    1. I know this was only my second time there, but I'm hooked!

  2. A whole year without a vacation...poor you ;)...Looks like you guys had a fun time, and I'm pinning the salsa recipe!

    1. I know it sounds kind of bratty now that I read i :)...I love that salsa!


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