Friday, June 15, 2012

A few new buys...

I've been crazy busy between a paid project, a personal project, and a couple design "favors" for family/friends, but I wanted to stop in and show you what I've been shopping for lately...Here's a few of my recent least the house ones...
This new white bowl, has been deemed affectionately the onion blossom bowl, by some friends...and later my husband. I love it regardless, it has a really interesting shape and was...wait for it....$6.00! It's from Nebraska furniture mart (surprising right?). We were actually shopping for televisions, but as usual at that store, got diverted.
My sister and her beau (boo? hmm...) found these antique keys at a flea market and promptly sent me a picture; to which I replied "yes please." Also, ignore the awful pictures, most were taken with my phone.
I am completely in love with this table. I actually saw it months ago and imagined it immediately sprayed gold. However, the original $70 price tag kind of turned me off (I hate paying that much for something I'm going to paint anyways.) Last week, I ran into Target only to go to the Starbucks inside but had some time to kill so went to the clearance section, where I found it for $20, but because I'm never happy, I asked the manager for a discount because the top was very scratched up, and he gave it to me for $10...I think he likes me :) Once, I got it home I was kind of digging the green. It actually looks a lot better in the space than it does in pictures, I think. You can't tell in the picture but it brings out the little bits of green in the chair and pillow. Now I can't wait to add more green throughout the rest of the space. 
The brass G was another vintage find. At $2, it was a perfect fix for my gold and monogram obsession.
I also bought a lot of organization supplies for my "in progress" office, but they aren't really worth a picture :)
What have you guys been buying lately?...


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