Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Lovin' It....

I love perusing my favorite blogs and seeing what other bloggers' favorite products were in the last month, so I decided to give it a try. Here it goes...this is what I'm loving for the month of April...

This "You are not alone" print, truly belongs to my heart, and it really does remind me of my short time in Paris..You can find it here.
Anthropologie's Homegrown Monogram Mug..I fell in love with these mugs as soon as I saw them, and at only $8.00/a pop, they are definitely more affordable than most of my Anthropologie loves...

World Market Chipotle Chili Dark chocolate...Okay, I know it sounds weird and maybe even a little disgusting, but trust me it's delicious. I make my husband spend hours in this store, and knowing these are at the cash register when we check out, is probably the only thing that gets him through it....Well that, and his undying love for me...or maybe just the chocolate.

Target's new spring home decor line........ along with the new gold trend...

I am completely in love with this gold chevron lamp shade and pouf, I need them both like yesterday...


The Maize woven storage baskets, would look great in front of a fireplace holding logs, or maybe just underneath a console table, full of extra blankets.

The "Happy Bikes" print from etsy...So cute and so perfect for me and the hubs, who both love to bike ride. Found here...Jolly Edition

Zooey Deschanel, and yes that's right it's with only one n, I know this because we go way back...or because I goggled it. I've always loved her feminine and classic style, and the charming characters she always portrays...I have now also fallen in love with her show New Girl, in the last month, probably because her awkwardness and old school sense of humor reminds me of someone....wonder who. I've also fallen in love with her music...Check it out here!

This large white hip/ diaper bag with teal bow...I obviously don't have a need for a diaper bag at this time, but I think this would be crazy fun as an everyday bag, that I can throw my laptop and books in. I found it on etsy here.



  1. I have been addicted to 'New Girl' from the very first episode. I laugh so hard every week and just love Z.D. (We're tight like that.) I wish everyone loved the show as much as I do, but some people don't get the awkwardness that is Zooey. That's what makes her funny!

    Anywho- love the blog. Keep up the good work :)

    1. I know, my husband has said for years we were a lot alike (never knew if it was a compliment or insult) so I was really excited when she came out with her own show...and now I'm obsessed!
      Thanks so much!


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